Why is it so hard to talk about debt?

Why is it so hard to talk about debt?

Why is it so hard to talk about debt?


In January 2019, research by National Statistics depicts that, 8.3 million people in the UK are unable to pay their debts, and their total credit card debt lies between £72.5 billion. With so much debt floating about, it seems strange that it’s still a tough issue to discuss. But, why is debt so hard to talk about?

This is because many of us don’t want to talk about our finances whether it is our debt or credit. This is because of:-

  • Shame: Though debt is so ubiquitous, many people feel shame when confronted with it. There are various possible explanations for this. These include the belief that in our culture, money, and possessions are so tied with the status that being in debt seems disgusting since it reflects the opposite of what defines success and high status.
  • Change of Mind: The news isn’t all awful. Not only is help available, but society’s attitude about debt is changing. Younger people see debt as a scary part of life, and they are more likely than irresponsible persons to blame society and rising living costs for their debt. Because the debt has been so scary in the past, the thought that younger people feel they may someday seek debt relief is encouraging.

This bad image causes extreme guilt and it makes debt difficult to discuss. This further resulted from an increase in mental health problems and hesitation among individuals, particularly males. On an optimistic note, there is research done by Lloyds Poll which proves, “61% of individuals feel better when they open up and discuss their financial issues”. 

There is a definite connection between overwhelming debt, marital failures, and poor mental health. 

Should we tell our partner how much money we have??

Why is it so hard to talk about debt?

Debt may be tough to discuss, especially with those close to you. Thousands of individuals are struggling with debt and have no one to talk to about it. This can make debt even more difficult to bear. It’s rare to find rigorous evidence that proves how debt and marital misery correlate, but even less scientific, small-scale studies show how much money matters, 

  • Money is right up there with sex as a source of argument. 
  • Couples are bad at talking about or dealing with money in terms of debts,

We encourage you to be upfront and honest with your loved ones about your financial position. Because lack of financial honesty can create disputes in a happy relationship and may create a negative impact on future plans with your wife.

Talking about it might be stressful, but it is necessary for a successful relationship. Here are a few tips to follow while having a money talk:-

  • Start money discussion early: It may feel difficult to bring up money in a new relationship, but early talks do not have to be weighty. If you’ve only been dating someone for a month, now isn’t the time to inquire about their deepest financial secrets, but you may start small.
  • Discuss your financial priorities:  Rather than talking about the statistics, discuss what is genuinely important to you when it comes to spending money. 
  • Be Honest: Last but not least, be honest. A good relationship requires you to be honest with your companion about your money and spending habits. Financial betrayal is a cause of tension for many couples and a loss of trust in a relationship when one person spends money or bears debt without informing the other.

If you don’t follow any of the above, being honest is the most crucial thing you can do to build good financial communication in a relationship.

Why is it so hard to talk about debt? How does one stop worrying about their debt?

Why is it so hard to talk about debt?

Money handles a lot of things. It may have an influence on your relationships, your career, where you live, and how much fun you have in life. Worrying about money all the time may become a harmful habit that is tough to break.

These are a few of the many reasons why you should stop worrying about money and break the worry habit:

  • Destroy your Energy.
  • Destroy Enjoyment.
  • Time Waste.
  • Have a physical impact.

To stop worrying about it follow these tips:-

  • Stay active,
  • Avoid excessive alcohol consumption,
  • Citizens’ counsel,
  • Advice on dealing with debt stress.

Furthermore, Recognize and document your debt, Determine your spending habits and Maintain your mental wellness which means If you’ve seen any frequent signs of worsening mental health, contact health care.


Debt and money have long been considered “taboo” issues, and being in debt can carry a shame. It’s normal to be nervous about debt and concerned about discussing money with loved ones. 

When you are married, you should inform your partner of your income. When you are not married, always base your decision on your commitment, trust, and prior experiences. 

Lastly, Paying off debt might be difficult but, keep in mind that it is only temporary and that there are several resources and specialists, as well as close friends and family members, available to assist you.


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