10 methods to increase monthly savings by $100

If you don't watch out for bank fees, your balance will definitely decrease. According to Bankrate's most recent study of checking accounts, the average overdraft fee is $29.80, and the average combined out-of-network ATM fee per transaction is $4.66.

1. Avoid bank fees

Some of the top savings accounts on the market have annual percentage yields (APYs) of about 3%, despite the fact that many large, traditional banks still only give a small fraction of a percentage for rates on savings accounts.

2. Find a higher-yielding savings account

We've all occasionally treated ourselves to impulsive purchases. We've all also regretted a purchase we didn't need to make but nevertheless bought. We have to take care of that while going shopping.

3. Reduce impulsive purchases.

In addition to lowering your rates, cutting down on your energy use benefits the environment. According to a report by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, a 15% decrease in electricity consumption nationwide could help prevent up to $20 billion in health-related expenditures from pollution and environmental harm.

4. Cut down on energy consumption

If you typically purchase your coffee from a café, brewing it at home can save you a lot of money. A home coffee maker can range in price from $50 to several hundred dollars, but you will ultimately save a lot of money if you get one.

5. Get a coffee maker

You might easily spend more than $100 per month on cable television. The majority of well-known streaming services have prices of $15 or less. For instance, the individual plans for Netflix and HBO Max each start at $9.99. To save back on your entertainment costs, think about choosing one or two of your preferred streaming services.

6. Consolidate streaming subscriptions

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